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Union of Nature Foundation is a global collaboration of Nature Protection Organizations to accelerate nature protection. Meter x meter.

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We need to protect 50% of our planet in the next decades

According to a growing group of scientists, we urgently need to accelerate the protection of our planet and build a sustainable world. The goal has been set: protect 50% of the Earth’s surface before 2050.

Nature Protection Organizations perform a critical task on all our behalf. People and communities around the world protect, restore, rewild and regenerate nature areas. But despite their efforts, it’s going too slow.

We need to change the game, bend the curve, and empower the ones doing the ground work. This requires global engagement and collaboration. It has to be out-of-the-box. It has to be all of us. And it has to be now.

Collaborate to accelerate

Global nature protection organizations have joined forces in the Union of Nature Foundation, UON, a world’s first business model to accelerate nature protection, and bring sustainably protected units of nature to the world.

Unit of nature

A m² of nature is a simple, singular and measurable unit that reduces a global problem to the human scale. Every day, every person can make a difference by protecting units of nature.

The unique digital proof of a sustainably protected m² is called a unit of nature, a uon, and is registered in your name.

Participating Nature Protection Organizations receive funds for each uon sold. In return they commit to bring new unit of nature under protection, on a 1-for-1 basis. This is how we scale.

A collaborative business model for nature

As a world’s first, UON’s trust framework offers participating Nature Protection Organizations a way to collaborate in its groundbreaking business model to drive a single mission: protecting half-Earth.

A marketing franchise for nature protection

UON serves as a marketing franchise for nature protection organizations toward consumers, brands and companies, delivering a powerful singular collaborative product: sustainably protected units of nature.

A member-governed
not-for-profit foundation

UON is set up as a not-for-profit membership organization governed by its members. All UON members have a predefined role and responsibility, with corresponding contractual rights and obligations.

We call on you

We have created a simple proposition to accelerate nature protection that is accessible to all. We now invite consumers, companies, organizations and goverments to join in and contribute. You have the power. Use it.

protect nature, buy uon


A partnership for the planet is the global purpose portal where people and organizations protect units of nature as part of the Join EarthToday engagement program.

Where UON issues the uon, EarthToday distributes them. For each uon sold, funds are channeled toward the NPO protecting the underlying m².

UON reserves

Each nature area is unique. UON members use various methodologies including conservation, rewilding, restoration or sustainable development while all are supported by and inclusive to local communities.

Marine units of nature

Coming soon

To get started, we have decided to focus on terrestrial areas. We look forward to welcoming organizations that protect marine areas as soon as we can.

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