Simahala Community Conservancy, Zambia

The Simalaha community is protecting nature with support from the Uon.Earth community.

234,663 m²
member since
1,800,000,000 m²
total area size

Simahala Community Conservancy, Zambia

Community-led conservancy.

Simalaha is Zambia’s first community-led conservancy. With Peace Parks Foundation’s support, the Lozi people protect part of the biggest terrestrial cross-border conservation system in the world and improve access to food, health, livelihood opportunities and education – by responsibly managing and protecting natural resources and wildlife.

Bio Region

Greater African Subequatorial Savannas & Mixed Woodlands (AT11-E)


Poaching, deforestation, land degradation through unsustainable agriculture, livestock and fishing practices.


Rewilding, anti-poaching, sustainable fishing, reforestation, conservation agriculture, wildlife economy, responsible tourism, water provision, use of fuel-efficient cookstoves and education.

Key Species

More than 2,000 animals have been rewilded in the conservancy, including red lechwe, puku, eland, roan antelope, buffalo and giraffe. They have settled well and established healthy breeding populations.


In the Simalaha Community Conservancy, the Sisheke and Sekhute Chiefdoms are taking ownership of their own destiny: following a community-led approach to improve basic human rights and fulfill the immense potential of this area, in harmony with wildlife and ecosystems.

Fun Fact

The Conservancy is fundamental to re-establishing wildlife migration routes in the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area – the biggest terrestrial cross-border conservation system in the world – connecting 36 protected areas across Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Amazing!