Kitenden Conservancy, Kenya

Kitenden Conservancy is protecting nature with support from the Uon.Earth community.

829,899 m²
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223,000,000 m²
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Kitenden Conservancy, Kenya

Securing room to roam for wildlife with the Maasai community

The Kitenden Corridor is pristine wildlife-rich habitat, owned by 3,600 local Maasai land owners from Olgulului/Ololarashi Group Ranch. IFAW has been working with the local Maasai community for over a decade to turn parts of the Kitenden Corridor into the Kitenden Conservancy to secure a critical migratory route that allows wildlife to move freely and safely between Kenya and Tanzania.

Bio Region

Lake Turkana-Sudd Grasslands, Bushlands & Forests (A21-E)


Dispersal land and migratory corridors risked falling to agriculture investors, in addition to an increase in droughts and human and livestock populations, which lead to human-wildlife conflicts.


Securing safe spaces and coexisting with wildlife while enhancing the livelihoods of people, creating eco-tourism projects that leave the habitat, wildlife and ancient human activities intact.

Key Species

Elephant, Lion, Cheetah, Leopard, Wild dog, Buffalo, Giraffe, Zebra, Crocodile, Antelope and many other ungulate species, and birds.


Contributing to the livelihoods of community members through employment, eco-tourism, scholarship programs, income through lease payments, female engagement programs, etc.

Fun Fact

Kitenden Conservancy's first line of defense is team Lioness, the first all-women community wildlife ranger unit in East Africa. One of the Lionesses, Eunice Peneti, is the first female driver in Amboseli.