Karen Mogensen Reserve, Costa Rica

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9,300,000 m²
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Karen Mogensen Reserve, Costa Rica

Privately protected nature reserve reviving tropical rainforest

Karen Mogensen Reserve has been working for decades to convert dry deforested landscape back to a humid and vivid ecosystem, filled with underground springs, sparkling waterfalls, unique and rare fauna and flora. This oxygen-producing forest absorbs an estimated 8,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide a year.

Bio Region

Central American Mixed Forests (Neotropical) (NT25)


Deforestation resulting from human development, logging for supply in the timber market, clearing forest for mono-crop teak farms (an exotic species) and cattle farming.


Monitor and research, reforestation and purchase of additional 2000 hectares of forests and pasture lands surrounding the immediate borders of the existing reserve.

Key Species

Puma, Orchid, Ocelots, Howler monkey, Mexican Parrot snake, Boa imperator, Pizote, Northern Tamandua and over 250 species of tropical birds.


Educating the public and involving local communities.

Fun Fact

When you stay at the lodge in the reserve, you almost always hear the roar of the Howler Monkey, sometimes it comes from the tree directly above your head!