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2,2+ million m²

Tali Bielski

Managing Director

After 15 years in advertising and marketing, Tali is now fully dedicated to accelerate funding for nature protection.

Rikkert Reijnen

Director of Purpose

After 20+ years working in conservation, Rikkert sees a big role for the private sector to protect, restore and manage nature

Remco Groen

Operations Director

Start protecting! Make this planet green again, and provide a future for all life on Earth.

Vance Martin

Board Member

Vance's career spans 40 years of protecting wild nature, with leaders in government, business, and indigenous communities.

Chiel Liezenberg

Co-founder, Board Member

Chiel has extensive experience in payments and fintech, shaping market-leading solutions and collaborative trust frameworks.

Kees Zegers

Founder, Board Member

Kees has over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, and designer in marketing, media and technology.