Mount Panié Wilderness Reserve, New Caledonia

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Mount Panié Wilderness Reserve, New Caledonia

Protecting the premier biodiversity hotspot of New Caledonia

Rainforest Trust and its local partner Dayu Biik expanded the Mount Panié Wilderness Reserve which is recognized as a priority Key Biodiversity Area. Within this mountainous landscape, there are 46 threatened species and 434 endemic plant and animal species. The mountains are also key to the health of New Caledonia’s world heritage reef.

Bio Region

Coral Sea & New Caledonia Islands (AU10)


Poaching, erosion, and invasive species cause significant forest disturbances. Climate change is reducing rainfall while increasing the length of the drought period causing water stress.


The expansion of Mount Panié Wilderness Reserve to create Thoniê Wilderness Reserve and encompass the entire natural range of the Mount Panié Kauri, a Critically Endangered pine, under a legal protected status.

Key Species

Kauri Pine, Clinosperma Palm, Crow Honeyeater, Panié Litter Skink, Bold-Stripe Gecko, Ornate Bavayia, White-Lipped Forest Skink, Red-crowned Parakeet, Horned Parakeet.


The land is stewarded by a local association and managed in partnership with ​​Indigenous Kanak (Melanesian) people, the customary guardians of Mount Panié.

Fun Fact

The Thoniê Wilderness Reserve stores 2,221,227 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents; saves 29,847,210 trees; and protects more than 100 critically endangered, endangered, or vulnerable species.