Bringing a global challenge

back to the human scale

2,2+ million m²

The grid

The grid is a planetary raster of uniquely geocoded units.

The grid provides an unambiguous basis for creating units of the planet’s surface. By geocoding the units using this grid, we can identify each individual unit – nature or other. We can then protect the units of nature all over the planet. This way, we make nature protection accessible to all, and accountable to everyone contributing to it.

Unit of nature

A unit of nature is either 1 m² of protected land, or 9 m² of protected sea.

The nature areas our members protect are geocoded using the grid. A uon is a unique digital proof of protection of a sustainably protected geocoded unit of nature within these areas. Every uon issued and sold secures the protection of the underlying unit of nature for the next decades.

This is how we measure.

Unit of impact

Every uon issued brings us closer to protecting 50% of the planet.

With the proceeds of every uon sold, our members contractually commit to bring a new unit of nature under protection on a 1-on-1 basis. This not only benefits nature and biodiversity, but also local and indigenous communities stewarding these nature areas.

This is how we scale.

Unit of account

Collect a uon to protect Earth and register the proof of protection in your name.

Every uon represents a standard numerical measure of contribution to our collective goal of protecting 50% of the planet by 2050, and is directly accountable to the individual or organization making that contribution. Uon are registered in name.

This is how we count.