Introducing a sustainable business model to
collectively protect the planet.

2,2+ million m²

Collaborate to accelerate

Unlock a brand new revenue stream to protect nature faster

Nature protection organizations worldwide are joining forces in the Union of Nature Foundation (UON) to accelerate nature protection. Together, we bring a singular proposition to the world: the ‘uon’, a unique digital proof of protection of a sustainably protected geocoded unit of nature, registered in your name.

Our goal is to empower the private sector to contribute directly to protecting 50% of the planet together,
by unlocking an additional long-term revenue stream to nature protectors doing the work on the ground (or sea!).

Unit of nature

A m² of nature is a simple, tangible, and accessible unit that reduces a global problem to the human scale.

Nature’s value is intrinsic and immeasurable, from carbon sequestration, climate change resilience, biodiversity conservation, to its cultural significance and importance for our health.

Union of Nature issues uon, unique digital proofs of protection of sustainably protected geocoded units of nature, which are registered in your name. Every day, every person can make a difference by collecting uon and protecting nature.

for scale

What does a UON membership mean
for a nature organization?

Trust framework

Our trust framework offers our members groundbreaking international business collaboration in an operating model that is governed by a rulebook with predefined roles and responsibilities, and rights and obligations.

We operate not-for-profit.

Product franchise

We bring a singular collaborative product to the world: uon, a digital proof of protection of a sustainably protected geocoded unit of nature, registered in your name.

Our tech partner EarthToday facilitates companies, charities, and consumers to campaign for nature together.

 1-for-1 commitment

We have committed ourselves to contribute to the 30×30 and 50×50 goals.

Our members receive revenues for each uon sold. In return, they contractually commit to bring a new unit of nature under protection, on a 1-for-1 basis. This is how we scale.

A global

Nature areas we support

Becoming a
UON member

We provide an additional long-term recurring revenue stream
for nature protection organizations and their projects worldwide.


We are always on the lookout for new nature organizations to include. Have a look at our access criteria to see if your organization is eligible.

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we review

At UON we value transparency, equality, and inclusivity above all else. We review every single applicant, though not all parties may be a good fit for now. If you think you’ve got what it takes, we encourage you to apply or reach out for more info: [email protected]

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Our Rulebook (WIP)

We are working on a Rulebook to create a level playing field. It will detail our operating model, with the roles and responsibilities, and rights and obligations for all participants.

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A partnership
for the planet

A sustainable business model to collectively protect 50% of the planet

Where UON issues the uon, our distribution partner EarthToday company brings the uon to the world. For each uon sold, funds are directed toward the organizations protecting the underlying units of nature.

EarthToday is a ‘for-purpose’ tech company with a purpose portal to facilitate companies, charities, and individuals to campaign for Earth together. EarthToday is not a charity; it is privately funded and community-owned.