Kogi Land, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia

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Kogi Land, Colombia

Buying back the heart of the world

The Kogi indigenous peoples are guardians of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a coastal mountain range in northern Colombia which they call “The heart of the world”. Recently, they have lost significant portions of their ancestral territory, resulting in challenges to their culture, traditional knowledge and livelihoods, degradation of ecosystems and biodiversity loss.

Bio Region

The Venezuelan Coast bioregion (NT23)


Uncontrolled tourism, guerrilla forces and drug cartel armed conflicts, logging and illegal hunting.


We aim to acquire back the Kogi ancestral territory so that they can regenerate it using traditional regenerative methods, including working with indigenous species and spiritual rituals.

Key Species

Jaguar, Tapir, Parrot, Guineapig, …


The Kogi Elders possess deep knowledge of the structures of the earth’s body and are masters at keeping and regenerating the richness of living systems on a profound level.

Fun Fact

The Kogi skips greens! They prefer roots and plantains especially when cooked. Raw green goodies? Not their cup of tea!